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How to Raise Your Waterfront Property's Value

Published on FEBRUARY 3, 2023 by ROB HASTINGS

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Of course, your waterfront home commands a higher value simply because it's waterfront. However, in the eyes of potential buyers, value extends much deeper, so it is important to ensure that the little things are taken care of to maximize the value of your waterfront home.

Best of all, many of the things you can do to increase the value of your waterfront home are actually very inexpensive. Even at a small cost, these small improvements can have a big return.

Here are three simple and inexpensive things you can do to raise the value of your waterfront property.

1. Clear the View

The waterfront value of your home comes from three things: location, water access, and your home's view of the water. As a result, it is important that the view of the water is as open as possible from every room in the home and every place in the backyard.

While you may think of heavy brush or low hanging trees as providing privacy from boat traffic, when selling your home, the view of the water is a buyer's first impression. In turn, trim all low hanging trees and clear all brush. Be sure to trim trees high enough so that the far bank of the water can be seen.

Also, reposition or remove any other obstacles which may obstruct the view such as children's playsets, boat trailers, or other small structures. A clear view unimpeded by man-made things adds to the serenity of the property.

This inexpensive improvement can generate big returns in the sale price of your waterfront home.

waterfront property value

This was our personal waterfront home that we sold in 2021. We did our best to "clear the view" by removing a fence around the pool and trimming the palm trees, but we should have added more "waterfront curb appeal" by adding seasonal flowers in the beds by the retaining wall.

2. Clean the Shoreline

Unfortunately, many people do not care for our waterways in Northeast Florida as they should, and it is not uncommon to see small amounts trash on the shorelines of properties on the Intracoastal or St. John's River. This is especially common when the outgoing tide leaves this trash on a property's rip-rap (stone on the bank).

While cleaning up trash, especially trash that is negligently left by others, is undesirable and inconvenient, cleaning up your property's shoreline can also increase the value of your home in the eyes of potential buyers.

At the same time, while trash is the most common culprit of an unattractive shoreline, other marine growth such as large clumps of seaweed should also be removed when possible. Usually, these clumps of seaweed attract bugs which can be bothersome to potential buyers as they are viewing your home's waterfront access.

3. Improve Your "Waterfront Curb Appeal"

For any waterfront property, the "curb appeal" from the water of the rear of the home is just as important the curb appeal in the front. In fact, many potential buyers of waterfront property also view the home from the water as well.

Therefore, improve your home's "waterfront curb appeal" by adding colorful and seasonally appropriate flowers/plants where possible. Be sure that the exterior of the home is freshly painted, powerwashed, and clean. Avoid storing boat trailers or equipment in your backyard.

The result will be waterfront home that will sell quickly and for top dollar.

The Bottom Line

You invested in a waterfront home because it's location is usually superior to those homes not on the water. In order to get the best return on your waterfront investment, these simple and inexpensive improvements can help you get the sales price your waterfront property deserves.

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