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First Time Home Buyer Tips & Resources

Buying a home for the first time can involve a rollercoaster of emotions. It's exciting, yet it is likely the largest financial purchase you have made in your entire life.

On top of the financial aspect, you are working with agents, lenders, inspectors, attorneys, title companies, processors, insurance reps - the list goes on for people you have never heard of. We didn't even mention your parents who - of course - know everything you need.

As real estate agents who work frequently with first time homebuyers, we know the importance of educating our first time home buyers as well as making the process fun. This category of our blog attempts to do just that - educate you on buying a house for the first time while keeping things light and fresh.

With the right real estate agent, information, and support (yes, even your parents), first time home buyers can navigate the process with confidence, find the perfect home, and lay the foundation for a bright future (e.g., not paying rent!).