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Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

Home Price
Down Payment
Loan Term
Interest Rate
PMI / Year
Property Taxes (Yearly)
Home Insurance (Yearly)
HOA Fees (Monthly)

Payment Breakdown

Monthly Principal & Interest $2,462.87
Monthly Extra Payment $0.00
PMI $0.00
Property Taxes $416.67
Home Insurance $166.67
HOA Fees $0.00
Monthly Payment $3,046.20

Total Cost of Mortgage

Down Payment $100,000.00
Extra Payments $0.00
Total Principal Paid $400,000.00
Total Interest Paid $486,635.77
PMI, Taxes, Insurance & HOA $210,000.00
Total Payments $1,196,632.77
Start Date
Estimated Payoff Date

Amortization Schedule

Payment Date Payment Principal Interest Total Interest Balance

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