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How to Stage a House For Sale: 3 Things Not to Do

by ROB HASTINGS on APRIL 26, 2020 | Updated: JANUARY 28, 2023

You've watched the home makeover shows on HGTV... home staging can net you more money on the sale of your home. The reason? Homes that are staged to sell remove personal touches from your home and allow any buyer to envision him or herself living in the home. Home staging statistics prove that home staging works. Homes sell faster and for more money when staged by an interior designer.

In our own business, we have seen it work multiple times. Check out this home which was professionally staged by Interiors Revitalized and was under contract in four days at above asking price.

how to stage a house

This staged home was under contract in four days and sold above asking price.

However, there a couple things that home staging is not. And if a homeowner or even a professional stager makes these mistakes, the benefits of home staging can be diminished.

1. Overstaging

When staging a home for sale in Jacksonville, less is always more. Too much staged furniture can lead to the home feeling small or cramped.

The purpose of staging is to give a potential buyer just enough vision to understand the home's layout and to be able to see him or herself in the home. When a home is overstaged, the feeling is that the home is cluttered, and it becomes less appealing to the buyer.

Also, when staging, consider the likely photographs that a professional photographer will be taking of your home. If you take this perspective, it will help to avoid overstaging.

2. Not Including Accessories

Professional staging includes more than furniture and beautiful artwork on the walls. It also includes the little details that add to the feel of the house.

These details, also known as accessories, complete the home staging and are best done by a professional. The accessories include the matching towel sets in the bathrooms, the items on the coffee table, the flowers on the dining room table, and the countertop items in the kitchen, among other things. Professional stagers often match colors or color sets for these items in order to create a flowing feel to the home.

As a result, it's important to have these details right. Staged homes that don't include accessories really miss the point.

3. Forgetting Closets, Pantries, and Storage Spaces

When a potential homebuyer enters a home, they look at everything. They open every door, cabinet, and other closed-off space to really get a feel for the storage space in the home.

Often, homeowners who have staged their home will "de-clutter" and "de-personalize" by throwing everything in a closet. Once again, this defeats the purpose of the practice because an overflowing closet will give the homebuyer the impression that the property doesn't have enough storage space. The same goes for pantries and other storage areas.

If necessary, sellers should look at home staging as a way to start packing early. "De-clutter" and "de-personalize" by packing and putting boxes in storage. In the end, the benefits of home staging will be maximized.

Bottom Line

Clearly, home staging is an effective way to sell your home faster and for more money. However, it is important to avoid these pitfalls in order to make home staging most effective.

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